PointsPrizes Review 2023

There are numerous websites out there that promise users free money and prizes in return for doing a variety of tasks. Many of these websites are fraudulent sites that don’t care about paying the users that are completing these tasks and only care about filling their own pockets. Launched in 2016 and owned and operated by French company SAS PointsPrizes, PointsPrizes.com is luckily not one of these websites and really does reward its users with tangible prizes. In this PointsPrizes.com review, we will look at how the website works and how you can use it to earn yourself some free cash in the form of gift cards.

PointsPrizes ReviewLotteries Available

To start with, there is one important thing—this is not a lottery website! There are no lotteries supported by the site, and if you are looking to enter free draws, we recommend checking out our free lottery guide instead. However, since many of our readers have asked us about the credibility of the site, we felt it deserved a review and mention nonetheless.

How Does it Work?

PointsPrizes HomepageGetting started on the site is ridiculously easy. The only thing that you will need to do before you can begin earning is register a player account. This is done using your email address and takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

Once registered, you will be shown your account dashboard. From here, you can see how many ‘points’ you have and find offers that will allow you to earn more. Earning points is done completing online surveys, watching video ads from sponsors, and sometimes even playing a short online game. Each of these actions will take place away from the Points Prizes site, but you will be redirected back to the website once you have completed the task.

As mentioned, doing any of the above tasks will earn you points. These points are accumulated in your player dashboard and can be exchanged for a variety of things (which we will cover a little later in this review).

One thing that we must mention is that, while completing surveys etc., you will be bombarded with more ads than you have ever seen in your life. While these ads appear on the partner site and not on Points Prizes itself, they are never ending. We do understand this, considering this is the way the site affords to pay out all the prizes. It is, however, a bitter pill to swallow.

Is PointsPrizes.com Legit or a Scam?

Here is the deal: any website that willingly allows a site like TrustSpot to run a page on the site and display feedback from past users is all right with us. It takes a lot of trust in the fact that users will be happy with your service to be confident enough to allow this to happen—especially considering the site states that it is not even able to remove any negative comments or reviews.

Aside from this, the site has been around a few years—even if not anywhere close to some other sites. But the facts that users still log on and that there are recent (and generally positive) reviews of the site lead us to believe that it can easily be trusted.

PointsPrizes Mobile ScreenshotUser Experience

We are actually genuinely impressed by the Points Prizes website. It is sleek and modern and is honestly great to look at. Navigation is simple using the menu on the left side of the screen, and you can easily get from one place to the other.

In addition to a great website, Points Prizes also has a mobile app available for Android and iOS. This app allows you to keep earning points even when you are away from the PC. This is great for if you are running errands and happen to be stuck in a queue or waiting room.

PointsPrizes.com Extras

The only extra available on the website is a referral system. This system allows you to refer the site to friends and family in the hopes that they will register and begin earning some money. As the person that referred them to the site, you will earn 10% of whatever points they make through the site for the full duration that they use it.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There is no need for the site to have any payment options, as everything on the website is free of charge. If you happen to come across something that requires you to pay, then you have probably wandered away from the site, and we recommend that you backtrack.

The site does have three withdrawal options for if you choose to redeem your points for cash rather than prizes. These options require you to link your account in the settings section of your dashboard. Supported withdrawal providers are PayPal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Claiming your winnings is surprisingly easy. Points can be converted by simply clicking the ‘Claim Prizes’ button on your account dashboard. Here you will be able to convert all your earned points and redeem them for either cash or for digital gift cards. Gift cards are available for everything from Amazon and Netflix to Steam and Google Play.

Users also have the option of cash payouts, and earning $20 in a PayPal cashout will cost you 3,000 points.

Customer Support

There is a dedicated help centre on the website that answers almost all the questions that you may have regarding the site and the way that it works. The help centre allows you to submit support tickets and features a live chat (available Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 17:00 GMT). There is also an online form on the site and a support email address (support@pointsprizes.com).

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

There are no welcome bonuses or promotions for new registrants.

Rules and Regulations

There are no limitations listed in the terms and conditions of the site regarding who can and cannot use it. While we find this a bit strange (there has to be at least one limitation, right?), there is not much we can say when they don’t mention anything themselves.

Pointsprizes.com Review Conclusion

If you are looking for a way to earn free money and have a large amount of free time on your hands, then this may be one of the best sites for you. The site is very good overall, and there is the mobile app that allows you to continue earning while on the move as well. However, be warned that this is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme. You will have to suffer through endless questions and countless ads to be able to earn just a little cash. But, if that works for you, then go for it!

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