NetRewards Review 2024

There is no doubt that one of the best feelings in life is receiving something that you are excited about. Whether it comes in the form of a birthday gift from a loved one or a surprise like a lottery win, it is a great feeling.

The disappointing thing about getting this feeling from places like the lottery is that it sometimes costs a generous amount before getting the feeling. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

In this review, we will look at what this site offers and how you can use it to win great prizes, for free.

NetRewards LogoHow Does Work?

This site functions quite simply if we are honest. The team behind it spend their days scouring the Internet looking for all the best free giveaways, sweepstakes, and draws. They then get as much info on these draws as they can.

All this information is then sorted, filtered, and posted on The site essentially works as a giant noticeboard for all the latest draws.

This makes looking for free draws to enter so much easier. Because the site doesn’t require you to register a player account, all you need to do is visit the site and start looking through the draws for on that catches your eye.

Once you have seen a draw that you want to enter, simply click on the entry link or the draw title. This will redirect you to the official website of the draw host. From here, follow the onscreen prompts to enter.

We must note, however, that not all draws listed on the site are free.

There are cases where charity lotteries are also listed. These require a ticket purchase and have an entry link titled Buy Tickets rather than the usual Enter Now.

Is Legit or a Scam?

You won’t have anything to worry about if you want to start using NetRewards to enter various upcoming draws. The site is secure to use, and you won’t suffer any losses by using the site.

While there is no real mention of who owns or operates the site, which is strange, it doesn’t discourage us from using the site.

After all, almost all the draws are free to enter, and even those that aren’t free cannot be entered on the NetRewards website. Mobile SiteUser Experience

The design and layout of the website is one area that really disappointed us. In fact, it went beyond just slight disappointment.

When first logging on, the site looks crisp, clean, and modern. Everything is portioned into readable blocks, and you can scroll around looking at the different draws on offer.

It is not until you have been on the site a while until you realise why these blocks cause a problem.

Everything on the site, including even the page footer, is located in one of these blocks. They very quickly move from a cool concept to an annoyance.

Navigation is even worse. The site uses a collapsible hamburger menu. Once expanded, this menu is not particularly what you would call super useful.

Sure, it will allow you to navigate around the site, but not with any form of ease that other free sweepstake websites achieve.

Thankfully, the site works well on mobile devices. In fact, the site looks better on these smaller screens than it does on a desktop.

This is something that we found a bit surprising. After all, we can think of very few sites that actively try to make their mobile site better than their desktop version.

Lotteries Available

The site doesn’t offer any actual lotteries, aside from the home and charity lotteries that are advertised with a post. Instead, all draws are free sweepstakes or lotteries held by advertisers to promote their brand.

One shocking thing is that the site doesn’t have any form of filter for these draws. Sure, the menu allows you to switch between online entry draws to social media competitions and the like.

However, this must be one of only three online sweep sites we have come across that doesn’t have any form of prize category filters. This is truly disappointing, and we cannot understand why such a basic thing hasn’t been implemented.

As a result, you have no choice but to search through all the available draws manually. Extras

As you may have probably already guessed from the lack of basic features mentioned above, there are no additional extras available on the site. Not even something as basic as a counter to let you know how many draws are currently listed.

The only thing that may be considered an extra is a Join Now button on the menu. Clicking this will present you with a registration form that requires your name, contact number, email, and gender. It will also allow you to choose whether or not to receive a newsletter.

Completing this form and clicking submit does nothing except thanking you for submitting your details. What the site then uses these details for is anybody's guess.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Because the site only acts as a noticeboard for draws, there is no need for any payment or withdrawal methods. This is good considering there are none.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Because each draw listed on the site is operated and drawn by a different company or brand, there is no set method outlined for claiming your prize. Instead, the claims process is set per individual draw.

This process is usually outlined in the terms and conditions of each draw. As we have said endlessly before, it is always best to check this process before entering any draw.

Customer Support

If you think that you will easily get hold of the NetRewards support team if you have a question, then we have got a surprise for you. There are almost no ways to contact the site.

The only contact method is to complete an online form with your query. However, this form is hidden and is not easily found just by logging onto the site.

The only way you can find the form is by first using the hamburger menu to navigate to the Join Now page. Once here, you will notice a new top menu bar has appeared. This menu features a Contact Us tab that you can use to access the form.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

There are no welcome bonuses or promotions listed on the site.

Rules and Regulations

There are on stipulated rules regarding who can and cannot use the site. However, considering the site is aimed directly at the Australian market, we don’t see much point accessing it if you are not a resident of Australia. Review Conclusion

We love free sweepstake and free lottery websites. We always have, and we always will. Because of this, it takes rather a lot for us to dislike a website that offers free draws.

Sadly, is a website that we can honestly say we are not fans of. The site is missing the most basic of features and doesn’t even feature things like prize categories.

We would be able to look past this if the design was worth anything. However, that seems to be just as bad as everything else.

We credit NetRewards for the idea behind the site, and their desire to help other players find draws more easily. However, even the best intentions can sometimes turn sour if executed badly. And in this case, the intentions have been bludgeoned to death by a terrible site.

So, if you live in Australia, you can take a look at the site if you really want to. However, we recommend rather looking at the many other sites that offer a much better experience.

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