Julie's Freebies Review 2023

With so many things available online today, it may be difficult to decide what you want to look at while browsing the web. There are, however, some people who would strongly disagree with this statement.

These people, like Julie of JuliesFreebies.com, know exactly what they want to look for online. They also know exactly where to go to find what they are looking for.

In this Julies Freebies review, we will look at how Julie has built a place where everyone like her can come to find exactly what they are looking for.

Julie's Freebies LogoHow Does JuliesFreebies.com Work?

You are probably wondering who Julie is and what she likes. Julie is someone who loves winning free things in sweepstakes and getting free samples from companies. This passion led her to create JuliesFreebies.com.

This is great news if you are like Julie and also love getting free stuff because gone are the days where you have to spend time looking for it online. Julie does all that for you and compiles everything into one place.

There is no need to register a user account to use the site. In fact, there is no option to even if you want to.

Instead, anyone can log on and immediately start looking at the different freebies offered. These are split into six different categories, which we will cover later on.

Once you have found the freebie that you are looking for, the site acts like any other free online contest site. You will need to click the entry link to visit the official website of the draw organiser.

After navigating there, you will need to follow the onscreen prompts to enter the draw or register to receive your freebie.

Is JuliesFreebies.com Legit or a Scam?

You will have nothing to worry about if you choose to make use of this site. It is entirely safe to do so.

This is because of two reasons. Firstly, since you are not required to register a user account, the site will not have any of your personal information. This already gives you a great level of security.

The second reason is that everything on the site is free. All the draws are free to enter, and all the samples, coupons, and everything else is free as well.

Because of this, you stand no chance of the type of financial loss that can sometime occurs on certain shady websites.

JuliesFreebies.com Mobile SiteUser Experience

Using the website is simple enough, and it achieves what it has set out to do. While the site is not stunning to look at, it certainly isn’t awful either.

The design is slightly dated, but it has a homey feel that cements the idea that Julie has prepared everything just for you.

All navigation is carried out using the menu bar at the top of each page. Here, you will have access to the six main freebie categories and a few other useful links.

The freebies and draws themselves are also presented well. They appear as individual blocks in what will remind you of a blog page.

On mobile, the site also looks great. It is still easy to navigate, and you should have no problems finding what you are looking for.

There is one thing that causes a problem on both PC and mobile devices. This thing is our favourite thing to complain about: advertising.

There is simply no need to have banner ads at the top, side, in between, and bottom of every page. And let’s not forget about the pop-up ad that appears every time you try to leave a page.

It is simply ridiculous to have to deal with that many ads, and we cannot understand why Julie thought that it would be acceptable.

Lotteries Available

As you have probably guessed, there are no real lottery draws hosted on the site. Instead, everything you will find here is a free sweepstake or sample.

Like we mentioned, there are six categories that the site is split into. These categories are:

  • Freebies: This category is dedicated entirely to the many freebies that you can register for with brands and companies. They usually come in the form of a sample that will be delivered to your door for you to try out. You generally won’t need to do anything aside from register to receive these great freebies.
  • Sweepstakes: This category is something that you may be more familiar with. It is dedicated to the hundreds of free online draws that occur throughout each year. Here, you can look for a great prize and enter the draw to see if you are a winner. One great thing about Julie is that she includes the restrictions for each draw with the listing. This allows you to see at a glance if you are eligible to enter the draw or not.
  • Coupons: If you like printing coupons to take shopping with you, then you will love this category. At least, you would’ve loved it. Unfortunately, it seems that the site is no longer worrying about posting new coupons. At the time of our review, there were no coupons available.
  • Deals: If the coupons have disappointed you, the deals won’t. Here, you will find plenty of fantastic deals that include buy one get one free, great discounts, and even free subscriptions.
  • Class Actions: This is something that we have not seen before. The site has a list of class action lawsuits that you can claim from. Each lawsuit has criteria for eligibility, but most don’t require proof of purchase. We think this is an interesting thing to have and are impressed that there are actually lawsuits listed. This means that Julie has clearly been doing her homework.
  • Penny Shopping: This category is actually handled by the Freebie Guy and includes great shopping tips and lists for Dollar General. These tips include what the best items are to get and when to get them, all for under a dollar.

The homepage of the site also offers even more items. It is split into three distinct sections. The first being some of the featured freebie samples that have been posted.

Next, you will find a selection of sweepstakes and instant win games. Finally, there are more giveaways and sweepstakes listed.

JuliesFreebies.com Extras

There are no real extras on the site. In fact, something that strikes us as strange is that there is not even a newsletter that you can register for.

This is usually the bare minimum when it comes to extras provided by a sweepstakes site. Clearly, however, this is not something that Julie and the team behind the site feel needs their attention.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There are no payment or withdrawal methods listed on the site. This is because there will never be a need for you to make any payment or withdraw any funds.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Because each listing on the site is hosted by an entirely different organiser, it is almost impossible to have a set procedure for how to claim your winnings. Each draw then has its own rules regarding this process.

These processes can usually be found in the terms and conditions attached to a draw. As we have said in other reviews of this nature, we recommend reading up on these before entering the draw.

Customer Support

Customer support is achieved through the use of an online form. This form allows you to submit your queries to the site and await a response. There is no mention of how long this response may take to arrive.

There is also an FAQ section on the site that is rather good. Sadly, there is no link to this section on any of the site pages. In fact, the only reason we stumbled upon it is thanks to a Google search.

We are not sure why this page is not accessible from the main site because it is a valuable resource that will answer most of your questions.

Rules and Regulations

As long as you have a connection to the Internet, you are free to use the site. There are no limitations around who can access the site.

We must warn, however, that the freebies listed on the site may have their own restrictions. These are generally based on your physical location or your age.

JuliesFreebies.com Review Conclusion

JuliesFreebies.com is a surprisingly great website if you are looking for some free prizes or samples. We have to admit, we are impressed merely by the class action lawsuit posts. This is something we have never seen before.

Overall, this site is something that we strongly recommend that you take a look at. Especially considering you don’t need to provide any personal details. This will allow you to enjoy the site without the risk of spam.

However, we urge caution. If you get irritated easily by continuous advertising, then this is not the site for you. As we mentioned above, we see no reason for the ridiculous number of ads that appear on this website.

We understand entirely that ads are how the site makes money. But there is a difference between advertising that generates money and advertising that chases potential users away. Sadly, this site is leaning more toward chasing you away.

If Julie could reduce the ads even slightly, then we’d like her site a lot better than we do now.

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