I Love Giveaways Review 2023

Free draws and giveaways have become a common occurrence in the digital age. They are a great way for companies or brands to promote themselves. They also have the added benefit of giving you the chance to win exciting prizes.

Searching for the best of these free draws has, however, sometimes been a laborious task. This is not because they are hard to find. Instead, it is because of the sheer number of draws available.

In this ILoveGiveaways.com review, we will look at a site that makes finding the best giveaways a breeze. We will also look at what else the site can do and how you can use it to your advantage.

I Love Giveaways LogoHow Does ILoveGiveaways.com Work?

It is simple to get to grips with how ILoveGiveaways.com works. The team behind the site scours the Internet each day to find the best new draws available.

The team then take all these giveaways and list them in a central place so that you can view them at your leisure without having to complete endless Google searches.

There is no need to register a user account to use the site. In fact, there is not even an option to do so. This is becoming increasingly common amongst free sweepstake sites, as it allows users to get on with entering the draws rather than registering accounts.

Because of this, all you need to do is navigate around the site and find a draw that interests you. Considering that all the draws listed are free to enter, we are confident that almost all of them will gain your interest.

To enter a draw that you have found, you will need to click on the listing to see all details. Here, you will see the entry link, a list of what exactly you stand to win, and the restrictions on who can enter.

These restrictions include physical restrictions based on your location, age restrictions, and how many entries you can have in the draw.

If you are eligible for the draw based on the restrictions, you can click the Entry Page link. This link will take you to the website of the draw’s organisers. From here, you can follow the onscreen instructions to enter.

Is ILoveGiveaways.com Legit or a Scam?

You can use the site in complete safety. As mentioned, all the draws on the site are free to enter. This means that you will not risk any of your hard-earned money to enter.

In addition, because the site doesn’t require a user account or even your email address, you are protected from the one thing that these types of sites could affect you with: spam.

ILoveGiveaways.com Mobile SiteUser Experience

The site is genuinely nice to look at. The design of the site is modern and a pleasure to look at.

Bright, contrasting colours are used for all the features of the site. These make reading the listings and seeing featured items a breeze. The good-quality graphics used also make the experience enjoyable.

Navigation is achieved by using the top menu bar. This menu allows you to get to different parts of the site easily and quickly.

The one gripe we have with the site is the subpages away from the homepage. These pages use a metro theme that is remarkably similar to the tiled start menu you find in newer versions of the Windows operating system.

On its own, this is not a bad thing. However, when combined with one of the things that annoy us most, this design has some major flaws.

We are, of course, talking about ads.

While there are ads shown all over the homepage of the site, there are even more ads displayed on the subpages. These ads are thrown in as tiles amongst the actual draw listings.

This generally would not be too much of a problem. Sadly, because all the draw listings take the form of tiles, and so do the ads, you may unexpectedly find yourself clicking on an ad when you are actually looking for a draw.

Worse still is the popup ads that appear each time that you try and navigate to a different part of the site. These can quickly be closed but become very irritating very quickly.

While the site works well on mobile devices, this ad problem exists persists in the mobile experience as well. In fact, on a smaller screen, the ads appear more intrusive and are even harder to get around.

Lotteries Available

The site lists a wide variety of sweepstakes and free draws. Sadly, there is no way to filter these according to the type of prize they offer.

While there are plenty of draws available, this makes finding one that holds a specific prize almost as laborious as just performing your own Google search.

Regardless, you will not find any actual lotteries on the site.

ILoveGiveaways.com Extras

There is only one extra offered by the site. This is a newsletter that will be emailed to you twice every week.

The newsletter is a good idea if you want to keep up to date with all the latest draw listings. However, at twice a week, it has the potential to become a source of spam very easily.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Because all the draws listed on the site are entirely free to enter, there is no need for any payment or withdrawal methods to be present. As such, there are none.

How to Claim Your Winnings

The claims process varies depending on the draw that you have chosen to enter. This is expected, considering that each draw is operated by a different organisation or company.

Unfortunately, ILoveGiveaways.com has not adopted the practice of stating the draw rules within the draw listing that so many other similar sites have done.

These rules are where you will find out how to claim your prize for each draw. However, because they are not listed, you will need to look for them on the official sweepstake site while you are entering.

As always, we strongly recommend reading these rules before you enter. This will help you already know what process to follow should you become a winner.

Customer Support

Because the site acts simply as a middle man that lists the draws from other sites, we doubt that there will be a need for you to contact customer support.

If, however, you have a few questions, the site has an FAQ section that answers some basic questions. This section is different from the norm only in name. Rather than frequently asked questions, the site titles it Friendly Asked Questions.

If you cannot find an answer to your question here, there is also an online form that you can submit. The site fails to make any mention of how long you can expect to wait for a reply.

Rules and Regulations

The only rules or restrictions listed on the site are those relating to the eligibility of each draw.

The site itself has no limitations on who can access or use its services. This is great news because it means that you can access the site no matter where you are.

It doesn’t, unfortunately, mean that you will be eligible for all the draws listed on the site.

ILoveGiveaways.com Review Conclusion

ILoveGiveaways.com follows a common concept. Search the Internet for the best draws and put them in one place. This concept makes it so much easier to find and enter the best draws.

While the site has gotten many things right, some things make using the site undesirable. Aside from the fact that there is no way to filter the draws, the biggest of these failures is the ads.

With most sites, the ads are easy to ignore. However, because of the design of this site, it is almost impossible to just turn your eyes away from them.

Even though we understand that ads are the way the site makes its money, there is still a limit that needs to be respected. ILoveGiveaways.com ignores this limit, and they suffer for it.

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