Free Birthdate Lottery Review 2024

Free Birthdate Lottery ReviewDue to the influx of free lottery websites that have appeared in the past few years, it is no wonder that the newest sites are often having to think up new and exciting ways to stand out amongst the crowd. One website launched back in 2016 does just this by using something as simple as your birthdate as a way for you to win free money. In this review, we will look at how the site operates and how you can use it to win.

Lotteries Available

If you are expecting any of the traditional international lotteries that you have come to know and love, then this site will not help you. However, what you will get access to is free lotteries. Specifically, Free Birthdate Lottery holds its own unique draws each day, and the main draw that occurs each day features a jackpot of £10.

How Does it Work?

It is quite simple, really: register a player account by giving the site your email address and date of birth, then watch each day to see if you are a winner. Do you see why we say it is easy?

Once you have registered your player account, which should not take more than a few minutes, you will automatically be entered into the daily draw that is held by the site. Draws take place at 11:00 (GMT) each day, and the results are posted on the site almost immediately. These draws are different from usual lottery draws in that there are no winning numbers drawn. Instead, using a pool of birthdates of registered users, a single date is drawn.

If your birthdate matches that of the one drawn, then you are a winner and can celebrate with some hard-earned free cash.

Is Legit or a Scam?

The simple answer is no. We say this not only because the site has decent terms and conditions, but also because the site is free to use. Therefore, there is not really any risk in registering a player account because you do not have to supply the site with any sensitive information. The only real danger that you could come across by using the site is by having your email inbox spammed, which, according to reviews online, will not happen.

User Experience

The site is nice to look at thanks to the modern design and layout that the developer has chosen to use. It is also easy to navigate around, and moving from one page to another happens relatively quickly—even if your Internet connection is not the greatest. As an added bonus, there is also an Android application available for mobile users.

You would expect there to be way too many ads on the site. After all, the revenue from advertisements is what pays for the whole party. We are happy to report, however, that ads are minimal and take the form of the traditional banner ads that are prevalent on most websites today. There is one ad at the top and bottom of the screen, and they do not in any way obstruct the main site. Compared to (awful) sites like RewardIt and PCH Lotto, is absolutely fantastic in this regard.

Free Birthdate Lottery Mobile Screenshot Extras

There are not really any features that could be considered as extras on the site. The only thing that we can mention is that, aside from the main daily draw, there is also a daily survey draw (which requires you to complete an online survey to enter) and a few competitions that mostly take the form of online quizzes.

Other than these things, the only stand-out is a few instant win games that claim to allow you the chance to win money instantly. We don’t really have much to say about these because during the time we reviewed the site, half of them were closed, and the other half did not seem to work.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Due to the fact that the site is entirely free and there is no need to make any payment in order to enter any of the draws, there are no payment methods available.

All winnings are paid out directly to the winner and not into an online player account. Because of this, there are no withdrawal options either. However, there are three payout options available, which we discuss below.

How to Claim Your Winnings

If you happen to be a lucky winner, a ‘Claim Prize’ button will appear on the results page after you have logged into the website. Simply click on this button within 24 hours of your birthdate being drawn and you will be able to claim your prize.

The site gives you three options that you can choose to have your prize paid out. The first is to opt to have your prize paid out via PayPal, which would, of course, require you to have a PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can choose to have your prize paid via bank transfer. The third and final option is to donate your winnings to a charity of your choice.

Customer Support

The site has a decent enough FAQ section that will answer almost all of the questions that you may have about participating in the draws available. Other than this, there is only an online form that you can submit. Unfortunately, there is no information given on how long you should be expected to wait for a response.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

There are no specials for anybody that is new to the site.

Rules and Regulations

As a nice change to the norm of 18, players only need to be 16 years of age or older to be able to make use of the website. Unfortunately, regardless of how old you are, if you do not live in the UK, then you are not allowed to play on the site. Review Conclusion has a great concept and a simple way of doing things. It also has a decent enough spread of great features, such as solid terms and conditions, good site design, and awesome free entry into lottery draws. This site is most certainly a good all-rounder and, unless you are looking to pay to play (in which case you should take a look at some of our favourite online lottery sites), then this may just be the site for you.

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