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Having a birthday is, for the most case, a happy occasion that can be celebrated with friends and family, and something that makes any birthday better is an assortment of gifts. One company, Coder Studios Ltd., understands the importance of gifts on a birthday and came up with a great way to give away birthday surprises. And so, toward the end of 2015, was born. In this review, we will look at how the site operates and how you can win some free money by registering with them. 

doblotto ReviewLotteries Available

There are no international lotteries supported by doblotto, as it is a free lottery site. Instead, the site holds a variety of its own draws:

  • Daily Draw: The daily draw has been around since the start of the site and is the main draw offered by the website. It is held each day and results in a different date of birth being drawn to determine who wins. The basic jackpot for the draw is £50. This amount—if unclaimed—will be rolled over until it hits a maximum of £1,100.
  • Points Draw: There are five different points draws hosted by the site. Each one requires you to have a specific amount of doblotto points in order to enter it. These points are gained by joining the site and referring others (which we will talk about later in this article). Prizes for these draws range from £5 to £50.
  • Monthly Draw: There is no cash prize for this draw. Instead, the site offers a jackpot of 50 doblotto points to the winner of this draw. To gain entries, you will need to refer friends and family to the website. 

How Does it Work?

doblotto Free Lottery HomepageAs you may have gathered by now, does not operate like most other online lottery websites. Rather than hosting a traditional lottery, doblotto uses registered players’ birthdays to pick winning players. 

To get started is incredibly easy. All that you will need to do to be eligible to win is register a player account on the site. This can be done by providing just your email address, your date of birth (bet you saw that one coming, right?), and a password. Once complete, you will need to verify your account using a link in a verification email that will be sent to your email address.

Once you have verified your account, your date of birth will automatically be entered into the daily draw. Unfortunately, you will need to visit the site each day in order to see if you are a winner or not. This can get annoying, but it is not that much of an issue considering that you have a chance to win some free money. 

You can opt to receive daily emails reminders that will remind you to check the site to see if you are a winner. However, these may become annoying, as they will soon fill up your email inbox with unnecessary emails. 

Is Legit or a Scam?

As we’ve said before, it is rather difficult for any site that does not charge anything for entries into their draws to be a scam. This is because there is not really anything that you can lose by playing in the draws held by the site. The same rings true for If, however, the fact that it will not cost you anything is not enough for you to trust the site, then it is easy to make a decision based on the fact that the site has been around for several years and has a decent set of terms and conditions. 

User Experience Mobile ScreenshotThe website is well designed and allows you to navigate around quite easily. While it is not the most modern, it also looks good and is pleasing to visit. There is also mention of an iOS app available for players on the move. We could not, however, find the app anywhere on the site—only the mention of it. 

You are probably expecting to hear about the hundreds of ads all over the site—you know, the ones that fund the prizes? We’ve got a surprise for you—there are very few of them. On the homepage there are only four ads, and on most other pages we encountered only two. If that still annoys you, they rest assured they can all easily be hidden with an adblocker, which will just leave placeholders for them. Extras

The site has a few additional features to make your experience slightly better:

  • Points: The site operates a points system that can be used to enter special draws. Points can be accumulated by visiting the site each day (one visit per day = one point) and by referring others to the site. 
  • Referral: As with most free money websites, there is a referral system that allows you to refer people to the site using your own special referral code. Referring others will gain you more points and allow you entry into special draws. 
  • Competitions: The site periodically runs competitions that can be entered into free of charge or by redeeming your points. These competitions give away prizes that range from PayPal payouts to Apple smartwatches. 
  • Subscription: If you do not want to visit the site each day to see if you are a winner, you can opt to subscribe to the site instead. This will cost you £3.99 per month and will allow you to be automatically notified via email if your birthdate is drawn as the winner for that day.  

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Because the site is free to use, there are no payment options for playing. If you would like to purchase a subscription, all payments are handled securely by Stripe. In addition, because prizes are not paid into a virtual wallet, there are no withdrawal methods either. 

How to Claim Your Winnings

Claiming your prize will have to be done online and within 24 hours of becoming a winner. A ‘Claim Prize’ button will appear on your user profile if you are a winner. Clicking this will claim your prize for you. Failing to click this button within the required timeframe will result in your prize being forfeited and rolled over to the next day’s draw.

Payments of prizes are made using PayPal, Amazon, or iTunes. Amazon and iTunes payouts are done in the form of a gift card, and you can change which payment option you prefer in your account settings. 

Customer Support

The only customer support options are an online form and a support email address ( This is disappointing, and we wish the site had an FAQ section at the very least. 

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

There are no welcome bonuses for joining the site. 

Rules and Regulations

Competitions are only open to residents of the UK. All other draws appear to be open to anybody as long as they are 18 years of age or older. Review Conclusion

For a website that gives away money for free, is everything that you could want. Not only does it have great extras, but the site also looks well run. While we do wish for an FAQ section, we still recommend that you take a look at this site to earn some extra cash. 

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