Cheetah Bingo Review 2023

With the vast amount of casino, lottery, and other gaming websites available online today, finding one that you really love playing on could prove difficult. In fact, it could take more time than you actually spend playing.

Thankfully, niche websites that let you play specific types of games do exist. In this review, we will look at one of these niche sites.

Home to a unique game of bingo, Cheetah Bingo is sure to excite you if you have been searching for a great online bingo site. However, your excitement will likely quickly dwindle, just like ours did, as you realize the many problems that plague it.

Cheetah Bingo LogoHow Does Work?

We will start by saying this, the way that Cheetah Bingo actually works is rather complicated. There are several different things that you will need to keep track of while playing. So, let us try and break the site down for you.

To get started, you will need to register a player account. There is no way around this, as it is required to play.

Registering is relatively quick and can be done by providing just a few of your details. These include a username, your email address, and a password. You won’t have to confirm your email address before you get to play. In fact, you won’t have to confirm your email address at all, which is kind of weird, but OK.

Once you have registered, you will be directed to your personalised home screen. Upon registering, you will also receive three benefits. These are Cheetah Points, grand prize entries, and weekly prize entries.

To boost these, you will need to log into the site every day, but you won’t be required to actually play each day. However, playing also gains you extra points and entries. We will explain what these points and entries do later on.

To play, head over to the lobby and see what rooms are active. Currently, there are two rooms: the Cheetah Room and Speed Room. These are essentially the same except that play in the Speed Room happens much quicker.

Once you have joined a room, your game will start. The game functions as any regular game of bingo. Numbers will be called, and you will need to mark them off on your bingo cards.

For every three numbers that you mark off, you will receive something called a Cheetah Boost. This will throw a random boost somewhere on your board. Marking the number that this boost is on will win you the boost.

The boosts can take the form of additional Cheetah Points or entries into the available draws.

Once you have marked enough to call bingo on your board, just click the Bingo button underneath your board. This will win you a bingo. The quicker you are to call bingo, the higher your rewards.

Once you have won, you will be sent into an intermission before the next game begins. To increase your chances of actually winning a tangible prize, you will need to repeat this process over and over.

Is Legit or a Scam? is, at first glance, a completely legitimate site. It provides a fun game and offers prizes that are paid for by the many advertisers that it hosts on the site.

However, when you dig into the terms and conditions of the site, things begin to get murky. Especially in terms of how you will receive your prize.

There are plenty of provisions stating that you must receive your prize as it is offered. It also says that you will not be allowed to substitute it for something else.

All that is fine, but what is not mentioned at all is how you will receive your prize. The site simply states that the prize will be given in cash or gift card. Sadly, it is mute on how it will provide you with this cash or gift card.

Naturally, we went digging around online to see if anybody has actually received their prize from the site. We were disappointed to come upon review after review cursing the site and calling it a scam.

Plenty of past users claim to have won but never received their prize. They also state that, when trying to contact the site about their winnings, they were ignored entirely. This is rather worrying and has made us question how legitimate this site really is.

Thankfully, except for time lost while dealing with a tonne of spam emails, there is nothing you can lose by registering with the site.

Therefore, we think that you can safely register with the site. However, we advise caution over ever actually expecting to win anything. For that, it would be much better to take a look at our ranking of the best free lottery sites. Mobile SiteUser Experience

The site itself is actually pretty decent, even if slightly old-fashioned. The design could be somewhat less childish, but it achieves making you think of the African wilderness where Cheetahs roam.

Navigation via the top menu bar is simple, and you will never battle to get to a specific page on the site. There is also a limited footer menu bar for all other links.

The site loads surprisingly quickly and even includes some great sound effects when loading different pages and game screens.

The ads are also not overly intrusive. Aside from a banner ad right at the top of the page, the only noticeable ads are in dedicated spots on each page.

The one type of ad that becomes very annoying is a pop-up ad that appears each time you try and navigate to another page. It is easily closed but still starts grating your nerves if you are navigating around often.

It is possible to access the site on a mobile device. However, don’t bother trying it. The site is not optimised for it and between the scaling issues and the overwhelming ads, the entire experience is ruined.

Lotteries Available

CheetahBingo holds three of its own draws. Each of these draws, and the way that your Cheetah Points and entry tickets relate to them, are listed below:

  • Monthly Grand Prize: This draw takes place on the last day of the month and is available to all members who have received Grand Prize entry tickets. The more tickets you have accumulated, the greater your chance of winning is. The site states that the grand prize offered is $250. However, according to the terms and conditions, the prize is only valued at $25. This is repeated consistently throughout the terms. So, we think that the $250 mentioned is either a mistake or an attempt to make you believe that you can win more than is actually available.
  • Weekly Draw: As with the monthly grand draw, this is open to all players who have received weekly entry tickets. The draw takes place each week and offers a grand prize of just $10. Again, the more you play, the more entries you will receive. This means that your chances of winning are also increased.
  • Cheetah Point Weekly Draw: In addition to the standard weekly draw, the site also hosts a Cheetah Point draw every week. The winner of this draw is determined by looking at who has accumulated the most Cheetah Points in the previous week. Whoever has achieved this will win $10.

While none of these draws is great, they are still available to enter completely free of charge. This means that you will have a chance to win money without any expense on your part, which is nothing to complain about.

What concerns us significantly, however, is that the draw periods stated in the terms and conditions of each draw have not been updated since 2019.

We are not sure if this is just an oversight on behalf of the site. If it is not, then it means that these draws are no longer even occurring and the site has possibly been abandoned.

If so, this would then mean that there is no chance of actually winning anything. Essentially then, the site is simply a fun place to play bingo and will not make you a cent richer than you currently are. Extras

There are no extras available on the site at all.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Because the site is free to use, there are no payment options available. There are also no withdrawal methods considering that you will never have anything credited to your player account.

How to Claim Your Winnings

As we mentioned above, the terms and conditions are mute on the claims process if you are a lucky winner.

The only thing mentioned is that you will have ten days in which to claim your prize. However, the site makes no mention of how you could do this and doesn’t even state whether or not the site will notify you that you are a winner.

This, alongside everything we have already mentioned, makes us believe even more that you will probably never get anything out of this site.

Customer Support

If you are trying to get some help from the site, there is a How to Play section that gives you an overview of how the site operates. It is not incredibly informative and is actually a waste to look at.

There is no FAQ section for any other questions you may have. There is, however, an online contact form that you can submit with your questions.

Based off of the user reviews online, submitting this form is unlikely to get you any response to your query.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

The only welcome bonus offered is the free entries into the monthly and weekly draw and the free Cheetah Points you can when registering. You will receive 1,000 Cheetah Points, 20 monthly draw entries, and 100 weekly draw entries when registering.

There are no other promotions available.

Rules and Regulations

Rules are the one place that the site actually pays attention to stating what is and isn’t allowed. Only residents of the following countries are permitted to register a player account:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom

If you are from any country not listed above, you will not be eligible to register an account.

The site also states that you must be above the minimum age that is legal in your territory to play online. In most cases, this is 18 years of age. Review Conclusion has a great concept. Allowing you to play bingo to gain entries into draws that will give you free cash is something that we were legitimately excited about.

Sadly, after looking at the site, we are left wondering why the site is named Cheetah Bingo and not Cheater Bingo.

The terms and conditions of the site are way too quiet on how to claim your prize. And, the fact that so many past users never received their winnings worries us.

Add to this that the prize periods have not been updated since 2019 and we are sure that this site is not what it appears to be.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fun game of bingo, then, by all means, try this site out. However, if you are actually looking to win something, we suggest you stay away from this site and try out one of the many others available.

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