CashPrize Review 2023

Who loves free prizes? Of course, we all do, and one of the most incredible things about the Internet today is the number of free lotteries, contests, and sweepstakes available online. Even better than this is the number of websites that make accessing these free lotteries super simple. LogoIn this review, we will look at how this popular site works. We will also see if it is worth playing through.

How Does Work?

The first thing that you should know is that does not host any draws or sweepstakes of their own. Instead, the site acts as a forum (or message board) that posts details about all the biggest free sweepstakes taking place.

How they do this is simple. The site does all the research into what free draws are taking place for you. They then compile all this information and write a summary of what the draw is and what you can win by entering it. Then, they take these summaries and post them all in one place for you to look at.

This removes any effort from your side and allows you to simply log on and see what draws are happening that you can be a part of. And, of course, the best part is that all of these draws are entirely free to enter.

On the homepage of the site is where all the current draws are displayed. You will find all the key information of each draw and what prizes are offered. There is also a direct link that you can use to enter each draw.

It must be noted that these links don’t allow you to enter the draw through Rather, they direct you to the official site of the host of the draw.

From here, you can enter by following the steps outlined by the site. These are generally different depending on who is providing the draw.

Is Legit or a Scam?

Many people worry that free lottery websites are a scam and that they will be ripped off if they sign up. eliminates that worry by not even handling entry into each draw themselves. As mentioned, you will never have to enter any of your own details on the website.

In fact, unless you are registering for the newsletter, you will never have to enter any of your personal information on the site. However, the newsletter will ensure that you never miss out on a new draw.

This is great because it means that there is no possible way that the site can scam you. It also means that the site will never have any of your personal information that it can use to try and rip you off.

In essence, is entirely legitimate, and you can use the site without any worry. Mobile SiteUser Experience

Sadly, the user experience offered by the website is nothing spectacular. While the site looks nice overall and has a modern feel to it, it is very basic. This isn’t something we usually complain about, but in this case, it is slightly too basic. is broken into what looks like different blocks. Each block is a different sweepstake. This works well at separating the different draws and allowing you to see all the info for the separate games at a glance.

However, what gets to us the most is actually something incredibly simple—the font. The site uses a very decorative, almost childish, font that is something we don’t expect to see nowadays. It's the kind of font that would look fine on a greeting card, but on an entire website it's kind of hard to read.

Even if you can get past the annoying font, however, the site is still only usable at best.

Lotteries Available

You won’t find any of the biggest world lotteries here. Obviously. But what you will find are many great sweepstakes that offer everything from cash prizes to cars and vacations.

Giving you a definitive list of draws available is rather pointless considering the draws are updated continuously with new draws. Extras

The only real extra is something that we have already mentioned—the newsletter. Subscribing to the newsletter will allow you to receive email notifications whenever a new draw is added to the site.

This will save you from having to regularly check the site for which draws have the most exciting new prizes.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There is no reason for the site to have any withdrawal or payment methods. This is partly because the site itself does not allow you to enter any draws. It is mainly, however, because all the draws offered by the site are free to join.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Claiming your winnings will depend on a number of factors. These include what the prize you have won is, and who you have won it from. Each site listed by will have their own unique rules regarding how to claim your prize.

It is best, therefore, to make sure you are familiar with the claims process of each draw that you enter. This process is usually outlined on the site that you are entering the draw on and should be readily accessible.

Customer Support is just a middleman between you and the actual sites offering free draws. Therefore, we are not sure why anyone would ever want to contact the site.

If you do want to, however, you can do so via the online form available on the site.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

As expected, there are no welcome bonuses or promotions held by the site.

Rules and Regulations

Because the website does not really do much other than direct you to other sites, there is no real need for rules and regulations. This is a good thing considering that the site doesn’t have any. Review Conclusion is a decent enough site—if you can get past the incredibly annoying font. It offers a portal that allows you to quickly and easily find a number of free draws.

Make no mistake; you won’t find any games like the US Powerball or Lotto 6/49 here. But what you will find is draws that can still give you great prizes without costing you a cent.

And for that reason alone, we definitely feel it’s worth taking a look at

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