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Hit or Miss is a unique game that gives players many chances to win. A regional game offered in Canada by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC), it is an exciting daily draw that offers something different.

Read on as we show how you can play Canada Hit or Miss online, how the game works, how surprisingly often it holds draws, what you can win, and more.

Hit or Miss ReviewHistory

Hit or Miss was launched on January 9, 2018. Due to the extreme frequency of its draws (more on this later), the game immediately drew criticism from some addiction specialists, who worried that the game could pose a larger risk for players experiencing gambling addiction. However, representatives from OLG assured the public that players were at no higher risk with Hit or Miss than with any other instant or scratch lotto games they offered, and explained that responsible gaming information and player protections were built into the mobile and desktop draw viewing options.

How to Play Hit or Miss

To play Hit or Miss, individuals must choose 12 numbers from a selection of numbers 1 to 24. Players can either select their own numbers or choose the quick pick option. Players can also choose the advance play option, which allows them to play up to 30 games on a single ticket. If a player chooses this option, they are only able to play the same 12 number combination for each draw. Hit or Miss costs CA$2 per play, and unlike other lotto games offered by OLG and ALC, such as Lotto Max or Lotto 6/49, there is no Encore add-on option. International players who are purchase tickets from third-party vendors may have to pay an additional fee.

How to Play Hit or Miss - Ticket

How to Play Hit or Miss Online

Unfortunately, Hit or Miss lottery is not available to play online through either the official OLG or ALC website. This is perhaps due to the frequency of draws, and could be one way that the operators are trying to combat the risk of gambling addiction, as most of their game are available to purchase online. However, players may be able to purchase tickets online for Hit or Miss through a third-party lottery website.

Prizes and Odds

One feature of Hit or Miss that makes the game so unique is the prize structure. In this game, players are rewarded not only for matching all 12 digits, but also for matching 0. The top prize for players who match either all (hit) or none (miss) of their numbers, is CA$250,000. The top prize is fixed, and will be awarded to the winners so long as the total prize fund awarded for one draw does not exceed CAD$1.5 million. That means that there can be up to six winners of the top prize per draw. If there are more than six winners, then the prize will be reduced equally among winners.

Players have 11 chances of winning. The only combinations that are not winners are if there are six of 12 or seven of 12 numbers matched. The odds of matching either 12 or zero numbers are 1 in 2,704,156, and the overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 2.2. These are incredibly favourable odds compared to some of the larger, more traditional lottery games. However, the prizes awarded are much smaller than for those up for grabs in bigger, more popular games like Lotto Max (which has jackpot odds of 1 in 33,294,800). The lowest-tier prize is a free ticket.

The odds and prize breakdown for each tier are as follows:

Numbers Matched

Odds of Winning


12 or 0

1 in 2,704,156


11 or 1

1 in 18,779


10 or 2

1 in 621


9 or 3

1 in 55.9


8 or 4

1 in 11



1 in 4.3

Free Play

Drawing Time

Another feature that makes Hit or Miss so unique—and so exciting—is the frequency of draws. Instead of bi-weekly or even daily draws, this game has draws every five minutes. There are a total of 222 draws every day except Tuesdays, with draws starting at 12:05 AM EST and ending at 11:55 PM EST, with a brief break from 1:30:01 AM EST to 6:55:59 AM EST. On Tuesdays, there are a total of 210 draws, with the break starting at 12:30:01 AM EST and continuing until 6:55:59 AM EST.

Players can purchase a ticket for a given draw up until the second prior to the draw. For example, a player can purchase a ticket up until 6:59:59 PM for the draw taking place at 7:00 PM. Players can watch the live results of the draw on the OLG or ALC mobile apps or the official respective websites.

Hit or Miss Winner Robert CrozierBiggest Jackpots

As Hit or Miss has a fixed jackpot, the largest prize ever awarded is the top prize of CA$250,000. This award has been paid out multiple times, for winners who have matched all 12 numbers and players who have matched zero numbers.

Payout Options

Lucky winners have 12 months from the draw date to claim their prize. All prizes are paid as lump-sum payments.


Canada does not take any taxes off of lottery prizes, so players lucky enough to win with Hit or Miss get to keep their prize as advertised. However, international players who purchase lotto tickets using third-party ticket agents may have to pay taxes on their prize in accordance with the laws of their country of residence.

Hit or Miss—Is It Worth Playing?

Hit or Miss offers near-nonstop excitement, with daily draws taking place every five minutes. The frequency of draws paired with the unique winning structure and great odds makes this game a super-fun alternative to games with a more standard format. This game also might offer some hope to players who are used to checking their tickets and seeing no matches with the winning number. If you’re a player who is bored of the usual, then Hit or Miss might be the perfect fit for you.

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