Bill Morgan: The Man Who Came Back to Life to Win the Lottery—Twice!

Some stories are truly stranger than fiction, and you’d be forgiven for not believing anything about the fascinating story of Bill Morgan. Lucky for us, part of Bill Morgan’s journey from death to lottery winner was caught on camera, ensuring that this story is one people will never forget! In this article, we’ll tell you all about the incredible tale of multi-lottery winner Bill Morgan and his charmed life.

Who is Bill Morgan?

Multiple Lottery Winner Bill MorganBill Morgan is an Australian man who made headlines in 1999 due to a real rollercoaster of a year. Living in a trailer home and working as a truck driver when his crazy year began, Morgan initially drew attraction from the media because of a small lottery win. Though the prize wasn’t anything too special, what made the story so compelling was the fact that just a year earlier, he had suffered a fatal heart attack. That’s right, fatal—Morgan was clinically dead for over 15 minutes. As if that isn’t incredible enough, Bill Morgan’s luck hadn’t run out just yet; he ended up winning the lottery again during a live TV segment!

Morgan’s story is so amazing that people often think that it’s a hoax. However, the TV footage of the moment he won his second prize still exists online (see below). No matter how many times you hear what happened to Bill Morgan, it will always sound too absurd to be true.

Bill Morgan’s Brush with Death

The crazy sequence of events that brought Bill Morgan international attention began with a truck accident. A car accident is bad luck on the best of days, but Morgan’s collision became even more dangerous when he suffered a severe heart attack as a result of it. The heart attack was so serious that he was actually dead for just over 14 minutes!

Luckily, doctors were able to revive Morgan, but he wasn’t out of the clear—he was in a coma for 12 days. Even though Morgan’s condition was so bad that doctors advised that his family should pull the plug, Bill emerged from the coma with all of his facilities intact and no serious health issues. If you believe in miracles, this surely counts as the first one in Bill Morgan’s life.

The First Win

A year after Morgan’s accident, he had a new lease on life. He decided to propose to his girlfriend Lisa Wells, who accepted. A couple of weeks later, still riding the high of being newly engaged, Morgan purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket and won a car! The value of the vehicle at the time was approximately AUD$17,000.

The lottery win, combined with Bill’s harrowing story of near-death, caught the attention of the media in Melbourne. When the TV station approached Morgan and asked him to re-enact the scratch card purchase, no one could have expected what happened next!

Two-Time Lottery Winner Bill Morgan

In an already incredible story, this last part is maybe the most unbelievable. In part of their news coverage of Bill Morgan, a Melbourne TV station went to a store and had him buy another scratch ticket. The coverage intended to show Morgan re-enact his first win. However, something much better happened—instead of pretending to win a car, Morgan scratched the ticket and won $250,000. That was the highest prize for that particular scratch ticket! Luckily, the moment when this happened was caught on live TV, leaving behind permanent irrefutable proof that it all actually happened:

As far as reactions to winning the lottery go, Morgan's is definitely one of our favourites. Though after his first win he said that he planned to keep buying more scratch tickets, he changed his mind after his second win. At the time, Morgan said he was happy to give up scratch cards and use his winnings to buy a house to live in with his bride.


While we’ve heard about a lot of incredible lottery winners' stories, even those of other multiple lottery winners, Bill Morgan’s might be the most extreme. Not only did he make a miraculous recovery after being pronounced dead, he still had enough luck left over to win the lottery not once, but twice—and one of those times in front of TV cameras! There are some stories that you simply could not make up if you tried, and Bill Morgan’s is definitely one of them.

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