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Lottoland is considered as the top lottery betting website worldwide, accumulating several awards since its foundation in May 2013 and being the subject of various news articles. However, some people still think that Lottoland is a scam. In this article, we’ll look at both sides of the equation to see once and for all if Lottoland is a legitimate operation.

Why People Think Lottoland Is a Scam

First off, let’s look into why people think lottoland is a scam. We compiled all negative reviews on Lottoland and here are the top reasons why people think Lottoland is a scam:

  • Cannot provide scanned copy of tickets purchased
  • Actual money won is much lower compared to advertised jackpot
  • Accounts closed for no reason
  • Lottoland doesn’t allow players to withdraw winnings

Many users call Lottoland a scam because the company cannot provide a scanned copy of the tickets as proof that they were purchased. This is a misunderstanding of Lottoland’s lottery mechanics. The company does not purchase tickets on your behalf; instead, you simply bet on the outcome of the actual draw. Since you are not participating in the actual lottery, there would be no need for scanned ticket copies as you are dealing with Lottoland itself, not the lottery organization.

Also, a lot of people have been calling Lottoland con artists because they were led to believe that they would be participating in the actual draw. This is false because throughout the website, the words “bet” is used, and the fact that you are only betting on the outcome of the draw is clearly stated on the website’s FAQs and Terms and Conditions page.

Some people say that Lottoland takes a huge chunk out of your winnings because the money you win is considerably less than what is advertised. This happens because Lottoland’s methods should reflect those of the actual draw. The actual Powerball draw imposes taxes on jackpot winnings, which is further reduced by 40% if you opt for lump sum payment. Take for example Mavis Wanczyk, who won the $758.7 million Powerball jackpot. After taxes and withholdings, she took home $336 million, which means her winnings were basically halved. Lottoland mirrors this so winners would take home the same cash value as they would have if they joined the actual draw. It wouldn’t make sense if a person who bets on the outcome of a lottery got more prize money than actual lottery winners, right?

We looked into the complaints of undue account closing and found that most of these negative reviews violated Terms and Conditions. Many of these individuals created accounts for their spouses, family members or friends with the same payment methods and other personal information, which falls under duplicate accounts. Those who complained that Lottoland wouldn’t allow them to withdraw their earnings should take note that in case of large winnings, Lottoland is very strict with identity verification to prevent lotto betting wins from being used in illegal activity.

Lottoland Winners

They say that the proof is in the pudding, and what better way to prove that Lottoland is legit than its long list of previous winners? Since its beginnings in 2013, it has paid out a total of €838 million and has made millionaires out of at least 6 people. The largest payout was back in April 2016 when Matthias from Germany took home the €22.3 million jackpot prize from betting on the outcome of the 6aus49 draw. While unconventional for a lottery betting website, some of its winners were even featured in mainstream media articles.

Lottery Operator of the Year

Lottoland bested competitors IGT, Camelot, De Lotto and several others and was awarded as the Lottery Operator of the Year at the International Gaming Awards in February 2017. Lottoland was chosen due to its outstanding achievements and expansions in 2016, including opening Lottoland domains in Ireland and Australia, expanding its product and service line, as well as improving its betting platform across all channels.

Where Do They Get the Money?

One of the biggest things people ask when it comes to private lottery betting companies is where are the funds coming from? Are they able to pay up if someone wins a jackpot prize? For minor and low-tier winnings, Lottoland uses the money from ticket sales. For jackpot prizes, the company takes out an insurance policy to prepare for the possibility of a nine-figure jackpot.

The Verdict

It doesn’t make sense that a company that has steadily grown over the years and gained a large public following could be a lottery scam website. Usually, scam lottery websites like to lay low and stay under the radar of mainstream media. Lottoland does the exact opposite; winning awards and openly sharing information about Lottoland winners. Also, based on our research, most negative reviews were the result of not fully understanding Lottoland’s mechanics and not reading its terms and conditions.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Lottoland is not only a legitimate online lottery betting operation, but it’s also one of the best ones in the industry.

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